Marantz MCR 510

Trådlös mediareceiver, 2 x 60 watt, Internet radio, AirPlay, Spotify klient, Windows 8/RT, USB, FLAC HD 192/24 / ALAC 96/24 / WAV 192/24 Wifi/Ethernet inbyggt, Remote App, Gapless Playback, DLNA certifierad, WMM (WiFi Multimedia), Subwoofer Pre ut, Digital optisk in

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This unit is your open doorway to an endless supply of new digital media, either streamed from your PC or directly accessed from the Internet. It has all the network features of the Melody Media: WiFi connection at the touch of a button, a new digital input for TV, and a second rear USB for extra convenience. It also supports ALAC, 192kHz / 24bit high-resolution WAV, FLAC HD files, and Gapless. In addition, it offers USB connection on the front and will charge your iDevices even when it is in standby mode. And just like the Melody Media, you can also directly connect a pair of speakers – the power output is the same: 2x 60W. But because the Melody Stream is a new type of product, dedicated to new digital media, it does not offer FM, DAB or CD playback and is therefore slimmer. A lot slimmer. And some say a lot more elegant.

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