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The Linn Classik Unik is a speaker whose main feature, other than very serious quality (a Linn tradition) is versatility. Indeed, the Unik loudspeakers can go pretty much anywhere around the house and can be used for the most variate and imaginative purposes, as Hi-fi speaker or as component of nifty and stylish home cinema systems. 

The reduced dimensions oft the Linn Classik Unik have nothing to do with the quality of the deployed sound: despite their small size, the Unik loudspeakers manage to deploy a very serious sound, perfect for either small-scale stereo applications or surround arrays alike. There is no compromise in the make of the Linn Classik Unik: most advanced technologies and materials have been used to create a loudspeaker that fits perfectly almost anywhere, from modern decors to the more conservative or even retro ones. 

The Linn Classik Unik sports a cabinet made of composite material, UV-resistant and flame-retardant and was built as a 2-way bass reflex enclosure. Inside this neat-looking speaker we'll find two drivers, one for bass and midrange and the other for the high-frequency sounds, whose response is administered by a new crossover with revised specs for better performance; the Linn Classik Unik is somewhat the follower of the older 5110 speaker – it retains the noble characteristics but comes with modern, better performance. 

The 10cm woofer delivers sound as low as 80Hz and offers spectacular mids for exceptional vocal reproduction in both movies and music and also delivering a punchy and most present sound. The sonic range is completed by the 19mm tweeter running of soft dome technology and developing HF up to 20kHz, summing together with the bass driver a neat 88dB sensitivity. 

The Linn Classik Unik runs in 8 Ohms impedance and can be used in admirable conditions with the optional floorstands and wall-mounting brackets with extended tilt/angling capabilities offered by Linn.

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