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For customers seeking a traditional high performance passive loudspeaker or those with an externally Aktiv Linn playback system and looking to upgrade their speakers, invite them to hear new Akubarik passive.

Much like Akubarik, the passive variant applies extensive loudspeaker development knowledge and expertise, using key technologies from our reference level systems to create a loudspeaker that preserves and enhances every last musical detail.

Combining sound quality and elegance, with its beautiful curved cabinet, Akubarik passive can be upgraded over time to bass Aktiv or fully external Aktiv to get the very best possible sound from this loudspeaker. Take advantage of the power up promotion to get your customers to this stage even faster. Key features of Akubarik passive

•New passive crossover design Extensive development work on the crossover, including a unique Linn-designed hybrid filter, ensures the best phase response alignment possible between drive units. A separate circuit board for the 3K array, upper bass and isobaric crossovers ensures better separation and significantly reduces inductive cross-talk between the drive units.

 • 3k Array Our unique 3K driver array houses the mid-range, tweeter & super-tweeter drive units close together to replicate a single point source with wide dispersion, ensuring great sound wherever you listen

Isobarik Bass System We’ve gone back to our roots with an isobaric bass system cleverly concealed in the lower section of the loudspeaker cabinet to produce lots of rich, deep bass whilst allowing us to make this a surprisingly compact package.

• Cabinet Akubarik takes design cues from our reference Klimax loudspeaker with curves that not only look beautiful; they’ve been designed with great sound in mind. Place your demonstration order now!

5-way floor-standing integrated active loudspeaker
Drive units
13 mm (0.5”) dome
25 mm (1”) dome
75 mm (3”) dome
150 mm (6”) upper bass
2 x 200 mm (8”) isobaric lower bass
Operating volume
44 litres
Crossover options
Fully passive, bass Aktiv, fully externally Aktiv
Crossover points
110 Hz, 318 Hz, 3.6 kHz, 9.84 kHz
Frequency range (-3dB)
28 Hz – 20+ kHz
Connection options
4mm banana plugs
Input impedance
4 Ω
Magnetic shielding
Weight (including stand)
Dimensions (including stand)
1050 mm (H)  x  351 mm (W) x  450 mm (D)
41.3 inches (H) x 13.8 inches (W) x 17.7 inches (D)
Dimensions (excluding stand)
246 mm (W) x 355 mm (D)
9.7 inches (W)  x 14 inches (D)
Standard finishes
Black Ash, Cherry, Oak, Rosenut, Walnut , White
High gloss finishes
Piano Black, Cherry, Oak, Rosenut, Walnut , White, plus over 200 RAL Classic Gloss colours (all except luminous colours: RAL 3026, 3024, 2007, 2005 and 1026)
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