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Linn Akiva Moving Coil Cartridge

The Akiva moving-coil cartridge represents Linns continued commitment to supplying the latest high specification technology to improve music reproduction from your collection of vinyl recordings

In a moving-coil cartridge, coils connected to the stylus move in relation to fixed magnets to create electrical signals. Moving-coil cartridges generally create a lower output than moving-magnet cartridges which means they should be partnered with a phono pre-amplifier with suitable impedance loading such as the Linn Linto. 

The design of Linn's Akiva cartridge incorporates an advanced magnetic assembly structure to produce a higher output with noticeably better tracking and even lower distortion than any previous Linn cartridge. 

The assembly structure in the Linn Akiva cartridge is constructed around a machined-from-solid alloy body for complete rigidity. The suspension mechanism in the Akiva supports hand-wound coils secured in a high-precision rigid assembly, terminated with gold contacts for superb signal transmission. 

The Linn Akiva uses the finest nude diamond stylus and benefits from a ceramic boron cantilever for ultra low mass and extremely high rigidity. It also features a triple-point mounting system to ensure accurate coupling to a Linn tonearm, either the Ekos SE or Akito

Like all Linn cartridges, Linn's Akiva is precision-engineered to protect your cherished vinyl recordings whilst maximising your enjoyment of the music. 

Linn's Akiva represents turntable cartridge engineering at its finest.

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