Custom Design FS 104 Signature

Snyggt och bra högtalarstativ som vunnit många priser. Finns i färgerna vit/svart och chrome och i höjderna 51cm/61cm.
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FS 104 Signature
2 490,00 kr

Custom Designs FS 104 Signature speaker stands with the option of 510mm or 610mm height and either black or brushed chrome outer uprights (the middle columns are always black) are made to allow your speakers to sound vibrant, transparent and rhythmical. Easy to assemble and well finished, these stands give the best results when filled. Custom Design used a variety of speakers in listening tests when designing these stands that resulted in a greater degree of agility and precision when compared with rivals.

Speaker stands at this price encourage an impressive low end punch, but the FS 104 Signature allows that bass weight to have a nippy sense of fine detailing as well with a more balanced sound.

Against their nearest rivals the FS 104 Signatures stand out head and shoulders in allowing a vibrant, transparent and rhythmical sound, making your music enjoyable, as it should be. For speakers true potential, you ought to consider sitting them on the FS 104 Signature range.

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Artikelnummer FS 104 Signature
Märke Custom Design
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